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You will want to add a pattern overlay. What I did was create a new image about 10 x 10 pixels, draw a squiggly black line across it, then go Edit->Define Pattern. Next, I separated the header box into a separate layer, by selecting it, copying it, deleting it, then pasting it. It will paste into a new layer – just line it back up to where it was. Now, right click on your new layer and go to Blending Options. Select Pattern Overlay, and select the pattern you just created. Lower the opacity down to a good level (10% seems pretty good), and voila. Feel free to mess with it to achieve the desired effect. Keep in mind the details are not very noticeable once the card is printed and laminated.
Repeat the steps on this page for any other boxes which need fixing. After that, un-hide any text layers you had previously hidden, copy and paste your picture into the white box, and make any needed finishing touches to your template.
Now that you have a nice working template, it’s time to make it a card. Get out your Teslin/Artisyn paper, and put it into your printer tray. Depending on your printer model, you may have to adjust the slider on the paper tray to line up with the size of your paper (that is, assuming you purchased the 4×6 perforated Teslin paper, which you should). Make sure the Teslin paper you buy is for your type of printer, whether inkjet or laser.
Before you print the template on Teslin, you may want to do a few test runs on regular 4 x 6 paper to get the alignment right so that it fits right within the perforated area. Get the size to the right dimensions and centre your image.
Once you’ve got it aligned correctly, go to Photoshop, and hit Print Preview->Page Setup. Under Paper Size, select 4×6 and hit OK. Click Print, then on the next screen go to Properties. Set it to Photo Printing – Borderless, then print.
When it’s done, don’t pop the card out of the perforation. We still have to print the rest of it. Oh yeah, did I mention there’s a back side?.
For the back side of the card, just repeat the steps used to create the template of the front side. Once that’s done, flip your Teslin paper over and stick it back in the printer. Print again.
You can now pop the card out of the perforation. If the tempate did not fit perfectly into the perforated area, use your scalpel and ruler or scissors to trim it to shape. It is ok if you have a few areas to be cut down, just as long as you can make it look good when finished.