Is that safe to buy a fake id?

In this Instructable, I'll be showing you how to make a duplicate of basically any ID or other sort of card. I will also outline the methods for modifying this card for any sort of novelty purpose. Notice I say novelty - this is not intended for fraudulent or otherwise illegal activities. I accept no legal responsibility for any said ventures. As this is my first instructable, any comments or questions are welcome and appreciated. Update: It's been a few years since I wrote this. Since I'm not doing this anymore, I guess I'll give away my best secret... The...

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Best fake id websites

Hologram overlays - available from PoisonID as well as many other sites. Gives it some extra pizazz. However they are stick-on so they're a royal pain in the ass to apply without mucking up. Magnetic stripe encoder - Pretty expensive normally. I would look for one on ebay to try and score it for under $150. Good luck. Curling iron/regular iron/hair straightener - if the ID you are trying to copy has a hologram on it, use one of these to get rid of it. The first thing we will need to do is make a template out of your...

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