Best fake id websites

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Hologram overlays – available from PoisonID as well as many other sites. Gives it some extra pizazz. However they are stick-on so they’re a royal pain in the ass to apply without mucking up.
Magnetic stripe encoder – Pretty expensive normally. I would look for one on ebay to try and score it for under $150. Good luck.
Curling iron/regular iron/hair straightener – if the ID you are trying to copy has a hologram on it, use one of these to get rid of it.
The first thing we will need to do is make a template out of your desired old card. If the card contains a hologram, we will end up making it unusable before we can make a copy out of it. This is to ensure a good scan that you can work with. Remember, the quality of the template you create can make or break this card.
To start, get out the card you will be copying. For this demonstration, I am showing the process of duplicating a “Joe Schmoe Inc.” corporate identity card.
If the old card is worn out, take a rag to it and try and get rid of any gunk left on the surface. Also, if your card has a hologram, it has to go. To accomplish this, do the following:
Get out your iron/curling iron/hair straightener/portable hot, flat surface.
Let it heat up, then gently start applying it to one of the edges of your card. Make sure not to leave the iron on the card for very long – use quick motions, dragging the iron away from you off the edge of the card, on and off fairly fast. This prevents ruining the card by melting it or making bubbles.

Apply the iron to the card until you can lift up the top laminate layer. Depending on what type of card it is, it may contain much of the text and possibly even the photo. Don’t worry if bits of the background pattern come off as it is fairly easy to repair any damage in Photoshop. Good luck!